Trichofol – Powerful Samurai Hair Secret or Con!

Trichofol Reviews

Looking for Trichofol Reviews? Is Trichofol a SCAM? All such and many more queries like these will be answered in this Trichofol Review!

Be it a social gathering or a family reunion or a chill out with friends, do you find yourself consciously trying to hide the increasing balding spots on your heads? Spending the entire evening playing with your hair and just covering up for the clean patches? If so, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, for you are not alone in this fight.

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t get time to comb their hair, let alone to pay extra attention to it. Hair loss is fairly common and recently has become a topic of discussion. Nowadays, people are ready to pay hundreds even thousands for thick, strong, healthy, shiny hairs.

There are a plethora of supplements available in the market. A few claim to stop hair fall. While others claim to promote hair growth. Some claim to help reduce causes of hair fall. While a few others claim to do all the same.

Trichofol is also one such hair loss supplement, which is said to work by a secret Japanese recipe, used by the samurais to keep their hair long, healthy, and shiny.

Trichofol Pills Bottle
Trichofol Pills Bottle

Before I tell you more about this secret recipe, let us first understand what are the causes of weight loss.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There can be innumerable causes leading to hair fall. As per a review article published by Ibrahim K L Ardi, the most common causes of hair fall include

  • Fever
  • Post pregnancy
  • Thyroid hormone disorder
  • Decreased iron in the body
  • Reduced Sodium content in the body
  • Prolong illness
  • Decreased protein in the diet
  • Use of harsh chemical-induced products
  • Kidney or liver diseases
  • Steroids or chemotherapy
  • Genetic conditions
  • Environmental factors

Trichofol – Secret to Samurai Hair

In the current scenario, as per FDA, only two drugs are commonly used to enhance hair growth are topical Minoxidil and oral Finasteride. In this, Minoxidil is more frequently used. The long term use of the drug is associated with the following side effects

  • Scalp redness.
  • Unwanted body hair growth, especially in females.
  • Chest pains and heart palpitations – are not recommended for heart patients.
  • Altered metabolism leads to rapid weight gain.
  • Headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Irritant contact dermatitis.
  • Mild to severe allergic reactions – patch test is always recommended.
  • Can adversely affect the sexual life of men and reduce fertility in women.
  • If taken via the oral route, can cause fluid retention and kidney problems, heart problems, and pulmonary hypertension.
  • The adverse effects outweigh the possible benefits of oral Minoxidil.

It is in here, the Trichofol Hair Loss Supplements come into play. It is a 100% organic hair loss secret, climbed to be made from a secret Japanese recipe, which is believed to be used by the Samurais in the middle ages. The hair fall pills are made of 10 natural ingredients in varying proportions, which are claimed to pull out the root cause of the hair fall.

Is Trichofol for you?

Are you also suffering from irreversible hair loss? Tired of trying to hide your bald spots and being called Aunty and Uncle by people a couple of years younger than you? Or are you also frustrated of seeing your fallen hair everywhere? Have tried all the possible solutions – both organic, natural, homemade, and chemical-induced, yet you have not been able to see any positive results!

The Trichofol Secret Samurai Hair pills work as a catalyst and may help to reduce hair fall. Every person’s body is different, this is the reason for hair fall. Try to find the root cause of yours, and if it is similar to what Trichofol works for. At the end of the day, Trichofol is also one of the attempts in your large list of things to help reduce hair fall.

How does it work?

The Trichofol is made from 12 secret Japanese herbs which are claimed to be used by the high level of Samurais. All of them are said to work on the root cause of the problem. The pills worked by

  • Increasing the blood circulation to the scalp.
  • Rejunevating the hair follicles.
  • Enhances the cardiovascular system.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Promotes health.
  • Promotes healthy aging.
  • Prevents premature baldness and greying of hair.
  • Restores the natural shine and quality of your hair.
  • Creates a protective barrier to prevent hair loss.

Benefits of Trichofol

Trichofol, apart from fighting the root cause of the hair loss, also

Improves functions of the heart

  • The herbs contain are natural blood pressure regulators.
  • Hibiscus and Hawthorn have both been scientifically proven to regulate blood pressure.
  • Hibiscus contains flavonoids and antioxidants which are proven to decrease lipid levels in the blood.
  • Are said to decrease risks of atherosclerosis, heart attack, thrombus formation, etc.

Improves circulation

  • The herbs are believed to dilate the blood vessels.
  • This improves the blood circulations, especially in small vessels such as that of the scalp

Promotes hair growth

  • With increased blood circulation, the hair follicles receive proper nutrition and oxygen.
  • This promotes the functioning of hair follicles, which invariably causes increased hair growth.
  • In a study, it has been found that mixing Hibiscus in varying proportions with other natural herbs, causes equal or more enhanced hair growth than the use of MInoxidil.

Decreases the bald spots

  • The site claims visible hair growth in the bald spots within 30 days of the usage of the Trichofol hair loss pills.

Reduces anxiety and stress

  • The polyphenols and bioactive compounds present in the herbs used are said to reduce anxiety and decrease oxidative stress.
  • This, in turn,, improves sleeping patterns and enhances mood and energy

Promotes healthy aging

  • The herbs are rich in antioxidants and contain VItamin C.
  • Both are known to decrease the level of free radicals and promote healthy aging.
  • Improves skin health and keeps nails strong.

Drawbacks of Trichofol

With the positive, there always comes a few negatives. The same is true for Trichofol. A few of the demerits of the secret samurai hair tonic includes

Private ingredients list

  • The ingredients list of the product is kept private for whatever reason.
  • This decreases the available knowledge about the products.
  • A few users might be allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Can be a main cause of hesitation among users to try the product as the popper information is not readily available.

Less scientific proof

  • As the total ingredients list is not available, there is little to no scientific proof of the products.
  • The ingredients mentioned are proven to have an effect against cholesterol levels, blood pressure, heart health, but not directly under hair.
  • Only a few handful numbers of articles are present stating the use of Hibiscus in hair growth, but that is not alone and often in conjugation with other herbs.

No real review

  • Most of the reviews available online are either sponsored content or posted content.

No clear cut work mechanism

  • The official site does explain that Trichofol works by enhancing circulation to the scalp and fighting the root cause of the hair fall.
  • But it does not explain exactly how.
  • The increased circulation and rejuvenation of hair follicles can also be achieved by a hot oil massage or using all-natural hair masks.

No direct effect on hair growth

  • The two ingredients mentioned out of the 12, do not seem to have a direct effect on hair growth.
  • They work by improving and promoting overall health, which in turn affects the health of the hair.

What constitutes Trichofol?

The Trichofol Hair Secret is made from 12 natural ingredients, out of which two are published by the company. The company claims for the product to be made from a secret Japanese Concoction, which had been used in the Middle Ages by the Samurais which helped to keep their hair – long, healthy, strong, shiny, and forever black.

The two of the ingredients, mentioned in the site includes,

Japanese Hawthorn

  • Is said to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties.
  • Contains a high level of polyphenols, which are said to
  1.  improve metabolism,
  2. promote healthy aging,
  3. reduce oxidative stress,
  4. prevent premature greying of hair,
  5. reduce stress and anxiety.
  • There is evidence showing positive effects of Hawthorne on the Cardiovascular system and nervous system.
  • The plant is said to
  1. decrease level of lipids,
  2.  lower blood pressure,
  3. decrease risk of atherosclerosis
  4. improve circulation,
  5. reduces the risk of thrombosis,
  6. improves platelet function.
Japanese Hawthorn plant

There is no scientific research stating the effect of Hawthorne directly on hair.


  • Is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Scientific research shows that Hibiscus is a potent blood pressure-lowering agent in – prehypertensive, mil hypertensive, and stage ! hypertensive drugs.
  • Some studies show it is as effective as low-dose anti-hypertensive drugs.
  • Scientific studies have found hibiscus to be effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  • Helps in improving the level of good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.
  • Little studies have been done staging the use of hibiscus on hair.
  • A study says that when Hibiscus was used along with Bhringraj or Eclipta alba and Spikenard or Nardostachys jatamansi in various proportions, they form a potent alternative for Minoxidil, the current giggly used hair growth-promoting drugs.
Hibiscus Flower

WARNINGS on Trichofol Reviews

The Trichofol Hair Loss Secret has innumerable reviews on Google and YouTube. But, most of the top search results are sponsored.

Sponsored Review published on islands sounder website

Most of the reviews only have to say good about the products, considering in its official site, The Trichofol claims to have saved more than 68,000 men and women from the embarrassment of hair loss and bald spots.

Trichofol Customer Reviews

The official site of the product has a few testimonials from their customers with before and after pictures. Though the genuinity of the testimonials has not been confirmed, they do include before use and after use pictures

  • Tina Shuler, 36 years old from Chicago, says

 “I’ve been using Rogaine foam for the past 7 months and it’s been driving me crazy. It gave me the most horrible dandruff I’ve ever had, let alone that my hair looked disgustingly greasy every single day of my life…

It was horrible, but this is a thing of the past now!

I finally regained all my hair, my precious beautiful, strong hair, that I thought I had forever lost, it’s back! Thanks so much!

Tina Shuler Before And After Photo
  • Robert Howell, 42 years from Michigan, says

This blew my mind!

I started the program just a few days ago and I can already see small hair shafts filling the shameful bald spot on the top of my head.

I cried a little when I touched that patch and felt strong hairs poking my fingertips. I wish more people knew about this, it’s liberating to leave your house without a hair topper and without feeling the wind blowing your naked scalp.

Robert Howell Before And After Photo
  • Misha Collins, a 45-year-old from Idaho, says

“After my first child I experienced diffuse thinning and my doctor told me surgery is off-limits for me, as there was no donor area on my head with enough hair follicles he could harvest.

I used to cry myself to sleep every night, thinking my youthful years were over and all I could do was accept the idea that I’d be old and unattractive from now on.

I can’t tell you how it feels to have my untamed mane back. I feel like all my prayers have finally been heard and it’s all thanks to your method. Thank you so much!”

Misha Collins Before And After Photo

Is Trichofol Hair Loss Supplements Safe to Use?

As per the website, the hair fall rescue pills are made from a secret Japanese concoction, which has been used by the Samurais to keep their hair healthy, strong, and shiny.

The company has not published the ingredients list of Trichofol, which may cause hesitation in some of the users. The website claims the Trichofol to be made with scientifically researched natural ingredients and to have it work efficiently.

Till now, there have not been any reported side effects to the pills. But, if you are,

  • Of geriatric population
  • Have any long term illness
  • Are taking prior medications
  • Are suffering from any hormonal imbalances or disorders
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a long-term history of any allergic reactions,

It is advisable to check in with your primary care physician before using the Trichofol Supplements, just to be on the safer side.

Where to buy Legit Trichofol pills?

The Trichofol Hair Loss supplements are oy available on the official website

They come at the following prices

  • 30 day supply – 1 Bottle – $69 + extra Shipping fee
  • 90 day supply – 3 bottles – $177 including the shipping fee ( $59/ bottle)
  • 189 day supply – 6 bottles – $294 including the shipping fee ($49/bottle)
Trichofol Bottle Prices

As per the official site, it is recommended to take two capsules of the Trichofol Hair Loss Pills after any meal with a tall glass of water. As per the website, it is advisable to take the pills for a longer duration for good results, preferably three-six months.

Along with taking the pills, the users are recommended to

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Increase protein, iron, zinc, and selenium intake in the diet.
  • Always use a wide-tooth preferably wooden comb to comb your hair.
  • Always oil your hair with lukewarm oil before shampooing, preferably the night before.
  • Always choose organic, natural products instead of chemical-induced ones wherever possible.
  • Avoid going out with wet hair in winter.
  • Always try to shield your hair from direct sunlight, either with a scarf, wide-brimmed hat, or a beanie.
  • Try to use conditioners after every shampoo as per your hair type.
  • Try to limit the use of styling products and dry heat on the hair.
  • Use natural methods to dye the hair – use henna or Amala or black tea.
  • Try to apply hair masks to the hair once in a while, at least once in a week or two.
  • Try to cover your hair while traveling.
  • Try to practice some meditation or mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.
  • Try to limit the consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid the use of drugs, nicotine, tobacco, and any other harmful products.

Refund Policy

The company offers a 60-days money-back guarantee, in case the customer is not satisfied with the Trichofol Samurai Hair Secret. As per the site, the customer can return the product even if they are 99% satisfied with the Pills.

Trichofol Review Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.    Is Trichofol safe?

As per the site, no customers till now have reported any significant side effects after using the Trichofol Hair Secret. If you are in extremes of age, have a prior history of illness, are taking medication, are allergic, are breastfeeding or pregnant, have any hormonal issues, it is advisable to check in with a doctor before taking the supplements.

Q2.    Where to buy Trichofol?

The Trichofol Hair Loss Pills are only available on the official site. They are available with the following options,

  • 30 day supply – 1 Bottle – $69 + extra Shipping fee
  • 90 day supply – 3 bottles – $177 including the shipping fee ( $59/ bottle)
  • 189 day supply – 6 bottles – $294 including the shipping fee ($49/bottle)

Q3.    Is a doctor’s prescription needed for Trichofol?

Generally no. But if you are

  • in extremes of age,
  • have a prior history of illness,
  • are taking medication,
  • are allergic, are breastfeeding or pregnant,
  • have any hormonal issues,

It is advisable to check in with a doctor before taking the supplements.

Q4.    How long should Trichofol be used?

Every person’s body is different and thus reacts to any Supplements differently. As per the website, a person can see visible changes in a month of regular use. For long-term effects, the users are recommended to use the product for the long term, at least for six months.

Q5.    How to use Trichofol?

It is advised to take two pills of Trichofol Hair Loss Secret with a tall glass of water, after any meal, preferably breakfast or dinner.

Q6.    What are the benefits of Trichofol?

The Trichofol Hair Loss Supplements are claimed to have

  • Reduce hair fall.
  • Increases the quality of hair.
  • Improve the longevity of the hairs.
  • Restore natural shine.
  • Improve gut health.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Promote the growth of new hairs.
  • Increases functioning of hair follicles.

Q7.    Is free shipping available?

The free shipping is available while purchasing 3 bottles or 6 bottles combo, inside of the USA.

Trichofol – Secret to Samurai Hair Or Scam?!

Trichofol is a hair loss supplement that is made by a secret Japanese concoction, believed to be used by the high-level Samurais in the Middle Ages. The supplement is made up of 12 natural organic herbs, blended into the form of pills. The official site advises consuming two pills a day with a tall glass of water, a few minutes after having a meal. The hair loss formula works by increasing the blood circulation to the scalp and thereby promoting hair growth. Along with hair growth, it also improves heart health, decreases lipid levels in the blood and promotes health, and boosts immunity. The secret formula is only available on the official website for a limited amount of time. It is said by the official website that you may see visible changes in a month, but for better results, long-term use is advised.

All being said, there are no magical pills to end any suffering. All these supplements can do is enhance the process and speed up hair growth.

Everyone’s body is unique and thus is their reaction to Trichofol. Who knows, you might turn out to be the lucky one and the Trichofol could be that catalyst you just needed to kickstart your healing process. What are you waiting for, the future you are waving at you, flaunting those luscious, shiny, healthy, strong, and thick hair.

Dr. Jane Thompson, MD
Dr. Jane Thompson, MD

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