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Have you also come in here in search of a fat-burning magical pill? Tired of all the crash diets, intermittent fasting? Of spending hours in the gym, sweating over the treadmill? Of saying no to your favorite snacks? Of watching everyone eat the delicious pizza while you are stuck with bland salad?

And yet, after all the sacrifice, crying, fighting with yourself, the scales on the weight scale are constant. All the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears down the drain. A total waste.

Pt Trim Fat Burn Supplement Bottle
Purple Tea (PT) Trim Fat Burn Supplement Bottle

Don’t be frustrated, you are not alone. As per the statistics by the World Population Review, America ranks 12th among the obesity ranking. About 36% of its population is obese, that is roughly every 3 in 10 people. 

But of course, what do the statistics have to do with you! You’re here because you heard of a magical fat-burning pill. You want to know if it works or if it is worth it.

The magical pill we are talking about is PT Trim. Let us do a thorough study on the Purple Tea (PT) Trim Weight Loss Pills and conclude if it is truly a miracle or another con trick. 

WARNINGS on Purple Tea (PT) Trim Reviews

These pills do not work for everyone who uses it and if you are one of them who is willing to use it along your journey make sure you use it with dedication and stick to the process for at least 60-days.

Read the whole review and I will reveal a step-by-step way to use it to get the best results.

Also, beware of SPONSORED and PROMOTED reviews if you use your own logic you will understand why I am saying that… for me personally I don’t consider SPONSORED review as a genuine review as if a person is paying money to a particular website to publish their review then how on earth that person is going to reveal the truth?

We are strictly against such reviews.

I am saying this as a FACT and here is proof and the research I did on Sponsored, Promoted & Paid reviews and how it manipulates your purchasing decisions.

We guarantee to share 100% unbiased product reviews based on hours of research on its ingredients and in some cases finding the actual customer reviews.

What are Purple Tea (PT) Trim Pills?

PT Trim is a weight loss supplement, GMP certified and made in FDA approved facility. On its official page, the owner, Liz, describes her weight loss struggles. She goes on to explain about ‘set body weight’. She explains how the ‘set body weight’ is the programmed weight our body fights to achieve. The weight may or may not be what you desire.

 On doing further research, we found that set bodyweight is a theory. The theory proposes that the human body tries to keep the desired body weight. If you weigh less than your body’s programmed weight, it will slow down the burn of calories, i.e. slow down the metabolism. Furthermore, all the calories you consume will be converted to fat rather than energy. As per the paper, this is a reason why a few people start to gain more weight even if they are dieting. 

The PT Trim Pills works on lowering the settling weight and naturally reverses the biochemical pattern leading to a slow metabolism. They are 100% natural, made from pure purple leaf extract. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the Purple Tea is said to be confirmed by the US National Library of Medicine in association with the National Institute of Health.

Liz The Creator of Purple Tea (PT) Trim Weight Loss Pills

This is Liz the creator of PT Trims pills, as she says she is not a dietician…not a doctor…And not a personal trainer. Who is a single mom from St. Louis, Missouri, whose husband left her…And almost lost two of her babies during childbirth because of her weight.

Well, that’s what Liz said in her video.

What is the science Behind Purple Tea (PT) Trim Supplements?

As explained before, PT Trim weight loss pills work by reducing the set body weight. As per the study provided on the official site, the ‘set body weight’ is influenced by many factors including genetic and environmental conditions. Due to the modernization of the diet, our bodies reach a ‘setting weight’ instead of ‘set body weight’, which may or may not be equal. This ‘settling weight’ is what hinders us from losing weight. 

The Purple Tea (PT) Trim supplements are made from Purple Tea found in the Nandi Hills of Kenya. The tea is researched to be rich in antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenol. All of these are studied to have increased the metabolism and enhanced the fat-burning capacity of the body. Apart from Purple tea extract, the capsules also have other all-natural ingredients which are believed to affect metabolism

In short, the PT Trim works by,

  • Reversing the biochemical pattern leading to slow metabolism
  • Increase the production of lipase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat molecules
  • Prevents fat from accumulating on the body
  • Boosts up the metabolism
  • Increases the lean body composition and decreases adipose tissue storage.

What are the Ingredients in PT Trim Pills?

Purple Tea Extract

  • Found in the Nandi Hills of Kenya
  • Gets its distinctive color because of the presence of the antioxidant –  anthocyanins 


  • is potent against fat molecules.
  • have been found in a study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine to enhance cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  •  promotes healthy functioning of blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and prevents stroke


  • Has more amount of catechins, especially epigallocatechin gallate than other teas.
  • Are rich in antioxidants.
  • Helps in flushing out the toxins from fat burning.
  • Enhances fat burning speed.


  • Chemical name – 1,2-di-O-galloyl-4,6-O-(S)-hexahydroxytriphenylene-β-D-glucose 
  • Is a type of polyphenol.
  • A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the GHG 
  •  reduces the waistline,
  •  decreases the abdominal fat and triglycerides.
  • boosts up the functioning of the liver 
  • suppresses the bodyweight
  • Regulates the BMI

Green Tea Extract

  • Is rich in polyphenols and bioactive compounds.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.
  • Contains caffeine which decreases the level of inhibiting neurotransmitters such as adenosine and promotes excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine and noradrenaline.
  • Boost up the brain function and nervous system.
  • Enhances body metabolism and increases fat burning.

Garcinia cambogia

  • Is controversial to cause liver damage.
  • Some research shows enhanced fat metabolism and an effect on weight loss.
  • May lead to side effects like nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.
  • It is advised to consult a doctor before taking the pills.


  • Is a yellow colour bioactive compound.
  • Activates AMP-activated protein kinase which is known as metabolism switch.
  • Enhances metabolism.
  • Reduces risk of heart diseases and liver diseases.
  •  Reduces blood sugar.
  • Regulates cholesterol.

Cissus quadrangularis

  • Reduces metabolic syndrome
  • Metabolic syndrome includes the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc.
  • Reduces obesity by enhancing lean body tissue.
  • Alleviate joint pain, swelling, and symptoms of arthritis, haemorrhoids, gout, and asthma.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Promotes bone health.

What are Customers Saying about PT Trim Weight Loss Pills?

The PT Trim Weight Loss pills are 100 % natural, GMP certified and made in FDA-approved facilities. Though most of the reviews are either sponsored or paid, the product is backed up by extensive scientific research.

The reviews, though sponsored, are saying all the good things about the product. As it is 100% natural, no significant side effects have been reported. According to the customers,

they have seen the desired results. Albeit the weight loss process varies from individual to individual, no one can confirm it as fake.

Also, with the 60-days no question money-back guarantee the customer has nothing to lose in trying the product.

The customer is advised to take medical advice in case of

  • Chronic health condition
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Any ongoing medication
  • In geriatric population
  • Younger than 18 years of age
  • Are allergic to any ingredients.
  • Have poor liver or any history of liver condition

PT Trim Real Customer Review

Liz who is the creator of Purple Tea (PT) Trim Pills, lost over 110 pounds by taking these pills as she said in her video.

Liz lost over 110 pounds by taking PT Trim
Liz lost over 110 pounds by taking PT Trim

Well, Liz is the only testimonial we can find of Purple Tea (PT) Trims pills.

Where to buy Purple Tea (PT) Trim Pills?

The pills are only available at the official site:

They are available as,

  • $89 for a single bottle – 30 day supply. Includes shipping charges
  • $177 for 3 bottles – 90 days supply – $59 per bottle. Free shipping
  • $234 for 6 bottles – 180 days supply – $39 per bottle. Free shipping.
Purple Tea (PT) Trim Discounted Pricing
Purple Tea (PT) Trim Discounted Pricing

Along with these, the company is also providing three free bounces worth $77, including

  • 14-day flat belly diet – Incorporates easy to make homemade recipes for people who wish to eat healthy and tasty food. 
  • 24-hour fat melting protocol – contains the owner, Liz’s detox method which will give you visible changes under 24 hours of taking the pill
  • PT Trim smoothies – to help you satisfy the craving of the desert or a shake as a light snack. 

How to use Purple Tea (PT) Trim Supplement?

It is recommended to take a pill in the morning after waking up and a pill before bed with a tall glass of water. For faster results, the customers can also increase the daily intake of the pill. It has been claimed by the official site, that the customers can regulate the fat-burning speed of the body by monitoring how many pills they is advisable not to take more than 2-3 pills a day

Along with using the pill, the customer has been found to follow certain guidelines, which enhances the effectiveness of the pill. Lifestyle recommendations include,

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Exercise in mild to moderate intensity for at least half an hour three days a week.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Practising mindfulness and stress-relieving techniques
  • To satisfy cravings once in a while
  • To never go empty stomach
  • To eat light at eat to munch on healthy snacks

Purple Tea (PT) Trim Weight Loss Supplements – In A NutShell

PT Trim weight loss pills are made predominantly from the extract of purple te found in Kenya. It works by lowering the set bodyweight and enhancing the body’s metabolism. Apart from enhancing the metabolism, the ingredients also,

  • Promotes heart health.
  • Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduces risks of stroke.
  • Promotes liver health.
  • Enhances the nervous system.
  • Boosts up brain functioning.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The PT Trim pills are made from 100% natural products and are made in FDA-approved facilities. The supplements do not have any significant side effects. Apart from one of the ingredients, Gracia Cambogia has been researched to cause liver toxicity. 

It is recommended to take a pill after waking and before sleeping each with a glass of water. The company advises the customer to take the pill till the desired weight is achieved. And to enhance the fat loss process, the customers can take two pills before bed, and follow all the positive lifestyle recommendations. 

PT Trim Discount

The PT Trim Weight Loss Pills are

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Effective
  • Does not require strict diets
  • No expensive gym memberships
  • No need to be at the beck and call of the personal trainer
  • Freedom to eat whatever you want
  • 60-days no question money-back guarantee
  • 100% natural
  • Control fat burn
  • GMC certified
  • No doctor prescription required

The Pills are available in various supplies, but the 6-bottles or 180 days supply is more cost-effective with $39 per bottle at $234, with three free bonuses worth $77. 

It is advised to consult a doctor before starting the pills in case you have any underlying medical conditions, ongoing medication, pregnant, nursing mother, or in case of doubt.

Purple Tea (PT) Trim Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after taking PT Trim should I expect to see results?

Every person’s body is different and so is their time frame. The customer can expect a change from within 24-hours to a month.

Does it work?

As per the reviews till now, the PT Trim weight loss pills have not been confirmed fake. In case the customer is not satisfied with the results, there is a 60-days, no question asked, 100% money back return guarantee.

How do I take PT Trim?

 It is recommended to take a pill each in the morning and before bed with a tall glass of water.

How many servings does PT Trim contain?

The PT Trim comes in varied supplies.

  • $89 for 30 days supply with extra shipping charges
  • $177 for 90 days supply ($59 per bottle) with free shipping
  • $234 for 180 days supply ($39 per bottle) with free shipping.

Along With the ill, there are three free bonuses worth $77.

  • 14 days flat belly diet
  • 24-hour fat melting protocol
  • PT Trim slimming smoothies

Does PT Trim come with a guarantee?

If due to any reason the customer is not satisfied with the product or the results, the company has a 60-day, money-back guarantee with no question asked.

Does PT Trim have any side effects?

The product is 100% natural, PT Trim Weight Loss Pills have no reported significant side effects. If you are in the age range of 18-75, have no underlying medical condition, are not under any medication, are not pregnant or lactating, then PT TRim IS safe for you.  

Though one of the ingredients in the product, Graciana Cambogia is found in some studies to have caused bad effects on the liver. It is advisable to consult with your family medical physician before taking the pills.

Is PT Trim for me?

If you are looking to reduce weight with an easy and safe method, you are stuck in the trap of setting body weight and no amount of exercising or diet plans is working for you. Then the PT Trim might be for you.

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